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Flow Now - advanced media asset management system with media distribution
on Amazon Web Services

Media Managers can now use the advanced Media Asset Management System Flow Center without the licensing costs and hardware setups associated with managing their own servers on Amazon Web Services (AWS). FlowNow is the "online MAM“ powered by Flow Works. Run at Amazon, it is easy and fast to set up: sign up, choose your sizing and get working within 24 hours.


Flow Now scales freely to any size, is ideal for short-term projects and avoids all of the hassle and cost of setting up a local system (hardware, admin, connections etc). Pay only for what you use.



Flow Now offers full professional media asset management functionality as a flexible, short-term and fully serviced solution.



Flow Now contains the following modules:

  1. FlowCenter media asset management software

  2. Flow Device Manager & Workflow Manager

  3. FlowCoder for transcoding your source media into virtually any format for viewing or distribution with support for
    broadcast and editing formats

  4. FlowArchive and FlowDNA web based user interfaces for ingesting, management and distribution

  5. optional module: FlowStorage engine for single or multi-homed asset storages

  6. optional module: Flow2Flow connect for interacting with other FlowCenter or FlowAnt instances

  7. optional module: FlowBackup as online backup solution

  8. optional module: FlowMobile for use with mobile devices (iOS and Android App)

  9. optional module: FlowRooms for easy interaction with clients or approvers

  10. optional module: FlowStories as multimedia blog for best display of your media and delivery into social networks





  • No need to buy hardware and software

  • No need to setup complex system architectures, no server hardware to set up or maintain

  • No up-front investment and additional running costs or licenses

  • No cost for future software upgrades

  • No long-term commitment

  • Scalable deployment with flexible server/transcoder installations

  • Pay only for machine time and data transfers used

  • Reserved instances: http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/reserved-instances

  • Spot instances: http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/spot-instances

  • Amazon VPC: http://aws.amazon.com/vpc

  • Booting from Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes: http://aws.amazon.com/ebs

  • Video streaming through Amazon CloudFront to Desktop Clients and Mobile Devices

  • Monthly service, perfect for temporary campaings, bridge solutions or tryouts

  • Amazon cloud storage

  • Additional Amazon Backup solution available

  • Amazon global data centers so you are close to your customer

  • Full support for all media, from user generated content up to broadcast formats

  • Highly flexible transcoding service with maximum transcoding power

  • Full distribution services to private space, databases, VOD services, clients, social networks

  • High security setup for your own users and groups only

  • Dedicated user and group management

  • Operates with your existing Flow Center or Flow Ant systems



Flow Now ist hosted and driven in cooperation with Amazon Cloud Computing and Amazon Cloud storages. Additionally, the content delivery networks can be configured as an option to streamline your projects and media to a wide range of viewers or receivers in parallel. Though it is a cloud based system, it can be extended with own-run systems like FlowCenter or FlowAnt media asset management system at your locations in house. Flow Now is the perfect extension to our media asset management solutions or as customized version in cooperation with your own local run media asset management solutions.



Contact us for setup, pricing, customization and more information:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.