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Access to Flow Center in a working environment

With the new Flow Adobe Media Plugin it is easy to integrate your Flow media asset management system into your Adobe products. Simply install the Flow Adobe Media Plugin and use the panel within your Adobe software to search your digital archive, find your media with metadata from the whole archive or single projects, import it with drag & drop into timeline or working panels, edit the media and export it back seamlessly into the Flow asset management system without the need of opening external software or web-interfaces. Stay in your most productive working environment, but have all the features of your media asset management system at hand.



The Flow Adobe media panel integration into Adobe products features:

  • Search in the complete archive or in dedicated projects
  • import your media directly via drag&drop into your timeline or working desk
  • browse the archive or projects on your media asset management system
  • export the edited media back into the asset management system or its project system
  • import sequences from the Flow softwares rough editing
  • see metadata and ratings directly in your media panel
  • direct import back into the asset management system without the need of transcoding power
  • choose search for video, audio or picture content
  • combine the imported material with any other media on your timeline
  • works with all Flow asset management products. FlowCenter, FlowNow cloud asset management system, FlowAnt micro MAM
  • integrates all connected Flow products with decetralized search on multiple locations
  • export creates new media entries in the Flow products or in ints project working space
  • proxy files and previews along with metadata are created automatically on the Flow asset management systems
  • exported content can directly be processed by Flow Workflow engines and with connected third party devices


contact us for more information on the Flow Adobe media plugin

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