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Flow Fuel – Flexible Custom User-Interfaces

The core idea of “Fuel” is to be able to extend your Flow Center’s reach by easily adding individual workflows or publishing user interfaces. Publish selected content directly from your core system to playout-modules to share content (and functions) with users , internal or external. This could be a Screening & Approval Room, this could be a Shop, a Web TV station, a Customer Presentation Room, a Press Service or an Upload / Download interface.

Imagine it as a way to create individual “packagings” of your content or business process. Flow Center has all the media-functions and content you need - Flow Fuel now allows you to create additional, individual graphical interfaces for your users and their processes. Any type of interface, user process or business model can now be easily “docked” onto your Flow Center as a (playout) module. Flow Fuel interfaces are mostly used to selectively publish content, even to individual recipients. Simply select items from your pool, publish to a playout-module, done. Flow Center will do the rest automatically.



There are a host of different ways you can use this concept. The key benefits are:

  • You are free to create any interface (It’s just a packaging attached to the Flow Center via our SOAP API,
    hence all Flow functions become available)
  • It is simple, cheap and fast to adapt or newly create any surface
  • You can add business processes or even business models – just create and add the appropriate surface
    and dock it to your Flow Center
  • Your content does not get duplicated in any way, you always stay on top of what you have published
    and to whom and you can edit instantly anytime



There are a host of different usage-types already in operation.
Pick from these and adapt or create your own:


Worklfow Modules (examples):

  •         Upload Rooms
  •         Screening & Approval Rooms
  •         Presentation Rooms
  •         Sales Rooms
  •        Download Rooms


Publishing Modules (examples):

  •         Web TV stations (incl. CMS)
  •         Digital Signage (fairs, events, etc)
  •         Live-Streaming
  •         Press Services
  •         Shops


Flow works sees content-customization as a key economic driver and a new playing-field that is growing rapidly. This is the technology to make it happen now. Ask us what we are currently working on or let us know of your ideas.


For a full set-up live case study - see SpeicherM1


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