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Hybrid cloud and on-premise media asset management - FlowEdge combines the best of both worlds


There are basically two options for managing media assets: cloud services and on-premise solutions. Both offer reckoned pros while still lacking in many aspects. Cloud computing has revolutionized how people store and use their media and data. However, especially in media management and delivery the cloud is limited. A cost overview of cloud computing power and cloud storage unveils a major drawback. On-premise solutions can offer a significantly more cost-efficient solution. Keeping physical access to the platform internally keeps confidential content inside the company’s own security boundaries. However, locally stored content requires longer transfer-times, posing problems when it comes to sharing content externally. Also, online collaboration is slow, whereas online services offer fast and advanced services for communication with external parties. While online services can provide some critical and scope-broadening services, they are not the best solution to store massive amounts of content or confidential content.

The new FlowEdge is the world's first media edge computing asset management system, which combines the pros of cloud services with the pros of locally installed systems in a single solution. Read about the benefits of media edge computing here.


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