Flow Hosted

Flow Hosted


Outsource your company’s MAM to Flow Works and focus on your core business.


Flow Hosted is a Flow Center installation on hosted server hardware. It is mostly more specialized and bigger as well as more powerful than cloud machines. Cloud machines are mostly virtualized, while Flow Hosted is a dedicated hardware but rented in specialized external computing environments. When hardware is hosted externally the media storage is also only accessible via the internet since all media has to be stored on the Flow Center itself.


This type of a solution works best if the amount of media is not substantial, but instead a moderate amount that has a focus on current and actual media such as for example production and post-production, dailies, actual events and trends, news items and stories.


Flow Works has several case examples of this type of a hosted server set-up in industries where it is difficult to develop an own media-IT infrastructure. The companies’ core business is in other commercial fields and it is therefore easier to quickly establish a media asset management solution without extensive internal IT planning and investment.


In a Flow Hosted solution, Flow Works is establishing the media environment, handling all the administration and keeps the system running. This is preferable to organizations who do not have specialized IT staff or knowledge in-house and need to outsource this part to a specialist.


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