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Flow Web


For dedicated media-intense web platforms such as NewsTVs or vlogs



The Flow Web is an easy way to have changing and actual media on the client’s website without the need for re-programming it. This works for companies that have interactive webpages with audio-visual content that is frequently updated, such as blogs, vlogs, or company or product news. This is solution is optimal for live product presentations, even over CDNs with many thousand simultaneous viewers. The Flow Web can also supply mixed content such as archived videos, quick product or news videos and additionally live feeds. The alternatives are numerous and depending on the client’s needs.


For a Flow Web solution there is a Flow Center at the core of the system handling all the background tasks (ingest, metadata enrichment, transcoding, arranging, project accumulations and distributions). The Flow Web component offers a direct connection to the backend with many different modules to be filled with audio-visual content and textual metadata fully automated. Additionally, there is a sophisticated workflow system that can automate common manual workflows such as translations, transcriptions, transcoding and viewing/interaction reports back to the core. These functionalities can also include AI mechanisms on many levels to further lower the manual resources required.


Flow Works has developed a Flow Web solution for Porsche News TV, SAP TV, Siemens and many other world-leading brands.












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