Flow Cloud

Flow Cloud


The perfect entry-solution: the Flow Cloud offers full professional media asset management functionality as a flexible, short-term and fully serviced solution.


The Flow Cloud is a so called “online MAM” run by Flow Works. It can be hosted and driven in any cloud system. It is quick and easy to set up without high set-up costs. It scales freely to any size and is therefore ideal for either “entry-level” media asset management or for short-term projects. With the Flow Cloud the client avoids all the work and costs related to setting up a local system (incl. hardware, administration, connections etc.).


The Flow Cloud is a complete Flow Center in the cloud. It can be stand-alone or part of a broader Flow Center installation. With a stand-alone Flow Cloud, the Flow Center software is installed on a cloud server that can be rented (incl. storage). In this case, the customer does not own the hardware but instead rents the hardware from a cloud-provider such a Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM or others. In such a case, also the media storage has to be rented in the same cloud. Compared to having your own server hardware that is not necessarily in the cloud.


The Flow Cloud can be a clearly separated system running independently. However, when needed it can easily be extended with own-run systems solutions such as a Flow Center or a Flow Ant as local in-house MAM. It works for all industries and requires substantially lower starting costs and has low entry barriers. In this solution so called hidden features such as transcoders, meta-data mapping get a bigger role than in broader MAM systems. This also allows that separate features can be further developed as a single smaller product instead of changing the complete and more complex MAM infrastructure. Through this, it is a more flexible and from an architectural point of view simpler option than broader MAM systems. The content delivery networks can be configured as an option to streamline the client’s projects and media to a wide range of viewers or receivers in parallel.






Flow Cloud includes the following modules:


  1. FlowCenter media asset management software
  2. Flow Device Manager & Workflow Manager
  3. FlowCoder for transcoding your source media into virtually any format for viewing or distribution with support for 
    broadcast and editing formats
  4. FlowArchive and FlowDNA web-based user interfaces for ingesting, management and distribution
  5. optional module: FlowStorage engine for single or multi-homed asset storages
  6. optional module: Flow2Flow connect for interacting with other FlowCenter or FlowAnt instances
  7. optional module: FlowBackup as online backup solution
  8. optional module: FlowMobile for use with mobile devices (iOS and Android App)
  9. optional module: FlowRooms for easy interaction with clients or approvers
  10. optional module: FlowStories as multimedia blog for best display of your media and delivery into social networks



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