Flow Deliveries

Flow Deliveries

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Flow Deliveries is the logical end-point of any MAM / PAM / DAM system: delivery and playout of content for monetization. While the overall Flow modules are geared towards cost-savings (Core, Archive, Rooms), Flow Deliveries provides highly/completely automated content delivery to customers, playout, portals or VODs. Using prefabricated "delivery workflows" to 70+ VOD portals for example, Flow Deliveries allows you to offer, sell and monetize your content in the most efficient manner.


Flow Deliveries is part of the Device & Workflow Manager GUI that allows the drag&drop compilation of any delivery-workflow. Including tailored media-processing, metadata, ancilliory materials for any delivery-target („target delivery“) and the partial or complete automation of delivery-package generation per target by the Flow system.

Used by large-volume players such as VIACOM or RTL, Flow Deliveries has been fully elaborated and has been in operation for several years.



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